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Brief detail of the firm : Riddhi Electronics & Computers

The firm has originally started in the year 2006 as a proprietor concern, having vast experience and successful entrepreneur in security Systems and CCTV cameras. The Office was located in Pandol Industrial Area; shop no 11, Ratnakala Complex, Ved Road Surat. Well trained & educated staff has proved to be the successful concern which resulted in strong foundation of the firm. The firm having successful experience for year i.e. 2006 to 2016, has decided to transform its administration converting the firm from proprietorship to Limited Liability Partnership concern.

The Firm was Transferred as Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) from July 2017

As stated earlier, after some years of the business as a firm under proprietorship successfully, to expand the business it was converted to Limited Liability Partnership made as Riddhi Electrosys LLP from July 2017, having three partners for better risk management decision regarding liability and for having better access of the market of our products to protect our assets, risk management etc. We are at present running the business to our satisfaction having sizeable purchase/sales.

Brief Details of Product :

Today, we have strong reputation in the market for sale of security products. It is now known to everyone dealing in security products feel that think of security surveillance challenge and Riddhi Electrosys LLP has the answer. This is due to sustained efforts meeting to the needs of customers. This has helped us to create customized solutions that can meet their unique needs.

As India grows into a more confident and prosperous Nation, it faces various security challenges. On top of that, our infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace. Security infrastructure has however not kept pace with this growth. What India needs today is security solutions designed especially for Indian conditions. Those incorporate the world's best technology are trying to ensure that the special requirements of our country are taken care of. RIDDHI ELECTROSYS LLP has dedicated itself to fulfilling these needs by providing professional service by ensuring that, everyone in India has access to the best that the world of electronic surveillance has to offer.

Why Choose

  • Quality Control

    We have adopted strict quality control measures at different stages of production to ensure zero defects and highly accurate products. High quality raw material from reliable vendors to ensure production of world class products.

  • Confidence of our esteemed customers

    We enjoy the confidence of who's who uses the product which is reflected in regular repeat orders from them.

  • Our Partners

    As a team, we ridhhi electrolysys llp. want to thank Nokee locks for their tremendous and extended support in this new field of business. We also noted that they (nokee) are very sharp to understand the requirements of the customer side and provided the perfect solution to the customer. We found that every order was followed by their engineers till the completion of the project with a skilled installation team and the same lead to the greatest customer satisfaction. We also appreciate the quality of the products and the uniqueness, this wide range of models, and the swift ordering and delivering process of the firm delighted us and would result in fruitful business. Big cheers to team nokee...